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This job means I am a sponge for news of (often) brilliant products. Some are brilliant not just for their beauty, but also because they are so clever. I have some favourites: while not all are super-cheap, none is throwaway; some will even help the things you already have last longer…

Help your shelf

A small-space saviour: the Book Pin Hanger by Agustav (on ingeniously provides space for bedside books, phone and a glass without the need for a full-length shelf or table. From around £70

Seat of power

Trust me here: the Early Learning Centre's children's painted wooden stool doubles as a design classic in an adult context (a side-table in a mid-century sitting-room, say, or for stylishly reaching cupboards if you're my height). £12 reduced to £3.60 at time of going to press,

Arms way

There's no room to put down a wine glass or mug by my sofa, but over-arm tables are so vile – bar the Couch Arm Wrap from, that is. Pricey at £163… or inspiration for the carpenter in your life?

Tee time

Turn cherished old T-shirts, holes and all, into stunning lampshades, for £250. See them to believe how lovely they look at

Clock on

iPhones have all but killed the beautiful old-school, wood-cased radio-alarm clock. But designer Jonas Damon has revived them – as iPhone docks that do the same job. Gorgeous and useful. £41,

Bully's star prize

I've covered bike storage before – but the Trophy wall-hanger is extraordinarily simple and beautiful. It looks like a bull or a moose head, but made from colourful wire; you hook your frame over its horns. £79,

More images for some of these ideas – and others – can be seen in today's post at Kate's blog,