The smallest flat in Britain costs £46.5K per year

This bedsit for a billionaire comes with an alley view and mini fridge

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A 72 sq/ft one bedroom flat is being advertised as a "smartly arranged studio apartment" and rented for over £46,000 per year.

It is thought to be the smallest flat on the property market in Britain but costs the same as a seven-bedroom Grade I Listed country home in Somerset, once owned by Henry VIII.

The flat at 82 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge in south west London is part of the Princes Court luxury apartment block.

A three bedroom flat in the complex costs £2.5m.

The apartments sit directly facing Harrods department store in one of the capital’s most expensive retail areas.

Television and 'clever' space for a single bed

Kitchen unit is enclosed behind a sliding mirror door

Narrow toilet and shower suite

Marble-floored lobby of Princes Court

The tiny flat's kitchen facilities are concealed in a cupboard behind a mirror door and consist of a microwave, sink, hob and mini fridge.

The bedroom allows for one single bed with a television overhead. The toilet and shower are in a separate, extremely narrow room.

Ed Woolgar, lettings director at Harrods Estates, said: "Its compact but clever design means that the tenant has everything they need including a hidden kitchen, complete with fridge, microwave, hob and sink, along with a bathroom with shower, basin and WC. There is enough space for a single bed and the TV is perfectly positioned for relaxing evenings in."

The rent is £3,878 per month or £895 each week – which is two-and-a-half times the average rent in London.

The pricy property is just 9ft wide and roughly one twelvth the size of the average new house in England.