Which furniture should you purchase for your conservatory in the sales?


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When purchasing conservatory furniture in the sales, it’s always a good idea to have a clear picture in your mind of which furniture will best suit your conservatory both in terms of style and available space. The conservatory is the perfect place to escape, giving us garden style and sunshine, all in the comfort of our own homes.

People have many differing ideas about what makes the best conservatory furniture, but rattan always springs to many a mind for being probably one of the most popular. The natural simplicity of rattan will enhance any conservatory or garden room, and it is very easy to see why it’s such a popular choice.

Synthetic rattan is the latest must-have furniture. It is incredibly durable, UV resistant, is easy to clean, and will blend in perfectly with any decor. Its simple beauty will help to bring that outdoor feel, indoors.

The greater temperature, humidity and exposure to the sun inside your conservatory are very important considerations in terms of purchasing furniture. Your furniture has to withstand this humidity as well as constant exposure to direct sunlight. Buying furniture that is both durable and flexible plus fade resistant is critical, be it in the sales or full price.

As with any purchase, and a sale bargain should be no different, longevity is so important when it comes to furniture. You don’t want to keep changing it. Not only is it expensive, but its bad for the environment. The attractive simplicity of rattan furniture combined with a resistance to fading, make it the ideal choice.

Before you click buy or walk out the showroom, look at different types of rattan furniture. How do you plan to use your conservatory? Would a rattan style dining table and chairs make best use of the space or do you want something a little more laid back? There are some stunning contemporary sofa style rattan garden furniture sets that are ideally suited to both the conservatory and patio.

When buying conservatory furniture in the sales, just remember not to hang about – stock is often limited, if you see something that you like and it is right for you, get it. Prices are rising with VAT, the foreign currency exchange market, and commodity and shipping prices all on the increase. I’d expect 2012 furniture prices to increase further, so taking advantage of discounted 2011 furniture really makes sense in the current climate.

Also, make sure you look at the specifications closely – some furniture starts out over priced, so an overpriced set with a 25 per cent discount might not actually offer better value than competitively priced furniture with a 15 per cent discount. Don’t be fooled by the amount knocked off. That’s not to say there aren’t some bargains around – just look at more than the discount alone!

And remember that reduced prices in a conservatory furniture sale don't mean reduced shopping rights. A retailer can't limit your legal rights just because the furniture is in the sales!