Would you buy a home next to a prison or a rubbish tip?

Around 60 per cent would buy next to a mobile phone mast and nearly half near an electricity pylon

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Homeowners would buy a property on a flood plain, but only if it were discounted by 50 per cent, says a new report.

The figures from online estate agent Housesimple.co.uk who looked at the effect of usually undesirable locations on buying behaviour show that  only 16 per cent of people would buy near a rubbish tip. And of those who would, two thirds would expect a discount of at least a quarter off the asking price.

Three quarters of those surveyed also said they would not live in a property on a flood plain under any circumstances. Of the remaining quarter, one in five would expect a discount of more than 50 per cent to even consider buying.

Just over a third were willing to consider a location near a prison. 

Blights that people were less concerned about included being in viewing distance of a wind turbine or solar panels, next to or near a school and above a restaurant/takeaway.

Around 60 per cent were happy to buy near a mobile phone mast, but only 48 per cent would consider buying near an electricity pylon.

"Despite an overwhelming majority refusing to buy next to a rubbish tip or on a flood plain, there are some locations buyers seem more willing to compromise on, perhaps recognising opportunities to haggle hard on price," said Alex Gosling, managing director of Housesimple.co.uk.

"The effects of last year’s storms on properties on flood plains have undoubtedly made people more aware of the risks than ever before and homeowners looking to sell a property on a known flood plain may have to be willing to discount hard if they want to secure a quick sale."