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Police had to separate squabbling women handball players during yesterday's Egypt-Uganda match in Harare. The Zimbabwean team were cheering the Ugandans and mocking an Egyptian player, Hanan Eid, who has been at the centre of a gender dispute, when tempers flared. Last week Eid was accused of being a man in disguise and was ordered to undergo a sex test, after which the organisers apologised to Eid and her family.

ALL AFRICAN GAMES (Harare) TENNIS: Men's singles: 1 G Stafford (SA); 2 J-C N'Goran (Iv Co); 3 T Elsawy (Eg); 3 A Ghonim (Eg). Doubles: 1 G Stafford and J Laffnie de Jager (SA); 2 T el Sawy and A Ghonim (Eg); 3 E Udozorh and G Omuta (Nigeria). Women's singles: 1 D Randriamtefe (Madag); 2 N de Villiers (SA); 3 N Randriamtefe (Madag). GYMNASTICS: Men's Individual competition: 1 D Laubscher (SA) 52.550 pts; 2 A Goloman (SA) 52.450; 3 A Otmani (Alg) 51.650. SHOOTING finals: Free rifle-300m fullbore prone: 1. R Paul (Zim) 565 pts; 2 M Hamza (Eg) 564; 3 S Ekeno (Ken) 562. Olympic Skeet: 1 M Khorshed (Eg) 141; 2 M Hains (SA) 139; 3 M Hamfy (Eg)136.