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Following an incident at the London Marathon, the British Athletic Federation is writing to Diane Modahl in an attempt to clarify the situation and improve relations between the two. Modahl had an exchange of words with Joslyn Hoyte-Smith and Walter Nicholls, who were on the disciplinary panel which gave her a four-year drugs ban. She was later cleared on appeal and had all charges dropped by the International Amateur Athletic Federation a month ago.

Paul Evans has accepted a place in Britain's Olympic marathon team but intends to qualify for a place in the 10,000 metres at the trials in June as well. This would place him in conflict with the British Athletic Federation, which has insisted that no one picked for the marathon should be allowed to double up in Atlanta's heat and humidity. Evans, third in the London marathon, reckons the 10,000m would be an essential part of his preparation for the marathon as the two events are almost a week apart.