Athletics: Donovan Bailey to defend 100 metres title at the 2000 Olympics

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Donovan Bailey, the Olympic 100 metres champion, plans defend his title at the 2000 Sydney Olympics after all. The 29-year-old Canadian had previously said that he did not see himself taking part in another Olympic cycle, but his plans have changed. "There's still a lot left," he said. "I still pursue the dream of running a perfect race, or a race with the least amount of mistakes."

SAO SILVESTRE MEN'S RACE (15km, Sao Paulo, Brazil) Leading positions: 1 P Tergat (Ken) 43.50sec; 2 J Kimani (Ken) 44.23; 3 V Cordeiro de Lima (Bra) 44.56; 4 G Silva (Mex) 45.14; 5 B Paredes (Mex) 45.15.