Athletics: IAAF picks Wembley to host 2005 event

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DAVID MOORCROFT was delighted yesterday after it was announced that the 2005 World Championships will be staged at the revamped Wembley Stadium. The formal decision is not expected until next year, but London has been earmarked for the championships in a long-term deal between bidding cities.

Britain is still in the throes of a formal bid for 2003, but those championships are now set to take place in Paris. There were fears that Wembley would not have been rebuilt in time for 2003, so 2005 adds more breathing space.

"As far as we are concerned we are still part of a selection process, the outcome of which was not expected until next spring," said Moorcroft, chief executive of UK Athletics. "But, if we have got the World Championships for 2005, then we will be delighted."

The 2007 championships will go to Tokyo and Berlin in 2009. The 2001 event is to be staged at Edmonton in Canada.

In his announcement, Primo Nebiolo, the International Amateur Athletic Federation president, added that the IAAF wanted to establish a long-term plan with sponsors and television. He also said the IAAF hoped to add London to the Golden League series next year.