Athletics: Norman in 'agent' dispute

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THE prospect of renewed controversy within athletics was raised yesterday when Andy Norman, sacked as the promotions officer of the British Athletic Federation last month, applied officially to become an agent for British athletes competing abroad. His case will be considered by BAF this week and a decision is likely to be made at the management board meeting on 3 June, writes Mike Rowbottom.

Officials were annoyed to discover that Norman had negotiated appearances by a number of leading athletes, including John Regis, Tony Jarrett and Jonathan Edwards, in Bratislava on 1 June.

Norman, dismissed for misconduct after spreading false rumours about the coach and writer Cliff Temple, who committed suicide, believed he was able to act for them.

BAF insisted he had not complied with the deed of covenant he signed on his departure last month. Rules of the International Amateur Athletic Federation say that agents must be accredited with a national federation. Accordingly, Norman faxed his application to join the 16 other names on the list yesterday afternoon.

The deed of covenant is believed to have prohibited Norman from representing British athletes in domestic competition for 12 months.