Bayern Munich's Christian Ziege to join Milan

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Christian Ziege, the Bayern Munich defender, is to join Milan at the end of the season. The 24-year-old had been linked with Arsenal and Liverpool.

Hugo Porfirio, West Ham's midfielder, and Celtic striker Jorge Cadete are included in the Portugal squad to face France in a friendly match in Braga tonight.

Kasey Keller, the Leicester City goalkeeper, has been named as runner- up in the US Player of the Year awards. The American striker Eric Wynalda won the award for the second time in his career.

FA CARLING PREMIERSHIP AND NATIONWIDE FIRST DIVISION SUSPENSIONS: Sendings- off: D Dublin (Coventry) 4 matches from end of 3 matches. C Blackmore (Middlesbrough) 1 match from 25 Jan. D Bergkamp (Arsenal) 3 matches from 25 Jan. J Aldridge (Tranmere) 2 matches from 28 Jan. 21 penalty points: D Wetherall (Leeds) 2 matches from 25 Jan. M Keown (Arsenal) 2 matches from 25 Jan. C Calderwood (Tottenham) 2 matches from 26 Jan. J Smith (Wolverhampton) 2 matches from 1 Feb. L O'Brien (Tranmere) 2 matches from 28 Jan. K Ready (QPR) 2 matches from 28 Jan. S Massey (Oxford United) 2 matches from 29 Jan. T Widdrington (Grimsby Town) 2 matches from 25 Jan.