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Liverpool's Peter Culshaw wore down Kenya's James Wanene to retain his Commonwealth flyweight title in the seventh round in Stevenage last night. Culshaw knocked the fight and breath out of a fast-tiring Wanene with a series of body blows before referee Mickey Vann stopped the fight with the challenger under heavy attack.

PROFESSIONAL PROMOTION (Stevenage): 4-rd light welterweight: N Bardle (Ware) bt B Coleman (Birmingham), pts. 6-rd light middleweight: S Roberts (West Ham) bt R Stevenson (Hull), pts. 12-rd Commonwealth flyweight title: P Culshaw (Liverpool, holder) bt J Wanene (Ken) rsf 7th. 8-rd lightweight: M Ayers (Tooting) bt T Swift (Solihull) rsf 5th. 8-rd bantamweight: S Oliver (Barnet) bt R Williams (Birmingham) ret 3rd.