Boxing: Cut-price deal for Eubank: Britons' rematch with two world titles at stake

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CHRIS EUBANK will be the lesser- paid fighter when he renews his rivalry with Nigel Benn on 9 October in a super-middleweight bout which will unify two versions of the world title. Eubank is the World Boxing Organisation champion and Benn the World Boxing Council champion. The fight will be under WBC rules.

Eubank has accepted pounds 150,000 less than Benn for the fight at the Old Trafford football ground and Benn's pounds 1m purse casts Eubank in an unfamiliar role as the challenger. 'He punches like no other fighter,' Eubank said. 'I relish the chance to take another one of those punches, sucking in, digging down and coming back with one of my own.'

Benn was stopped in the ninth round of a brutal fight against Eubank in Birmingham in November 1990. 'I've been waiting for this chance for three years. We are both champions and there is respect,' Benn said.

The promoter, Barry Hearn, said that the fight would be financed primarily through a deal with an American cable TV network, Showtime.