Boxing: Heavyweight hype begins in earnest

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LENNOX LEWIS and Frank Bruno came within jabbing distance yesterday and the verbal punches flew 70 yards from where the real action will happen in the early hours of 2 October. Lewis will receive pounds 2.4 million, Bruno more than pounds 650,000 for the World Boxing Council heavyweight championship bout.

Hype is commonplace in big-time boxing, but there seemed genuine feeling when the heavyweights met face-to-face at Cardiff Arms Park. The WBC champion Lewis said after walking on the most sacred piece of turf in Welsh rugby: 'I felt the atmosphere, it's what you need for boxing. I can't wait for the fight when Frank Bruno is going to be looking up at the sky.'

Bruno hit back: 'I've got respect for Lennox, I've got respect for every boxer who's got the courage to get into the ring.

'On the 2nd, I won't have one ounce of respect for him. He's said nasty things about me which have affected my mum, my wife and kids, so I can't wait for this fight to happen.'

There will be more, much more verbal fisticuffs before the pair climb into the ring for Britain's biggest, richest fight.