Boxing: McMillan appeals against decision

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COLIN McMILLAN, who lost his World Boxing Organisation featherweight title on Saturday night at Olympia on a technical knock-out after dislocating his left shoulder in the eighth round of a bout with Reuben Palacio, of Colombia, has appealed to the WBO against the decision.

The promoter, Frank Warren, believes there is a strong case for the reinstatement of McMillan, who was ahead on all three cards when the fight was stopped, because of the circumstances surrounding the injury, or that the fight should at least be declared a 'no contest'.

'It wasn't a fair blow and it wasn't a foul,' Warren said. 'He lost the title through no fault of his own, it was a freak accident.'

If McMillan is reinstated he will take 75 per cent of the prize money, and if a 'no contest' is declared both fighters will receive 50 per cent of the purse. A re-match, if the defeat was confirmed, would earn McMillan only 25 per cent. The WBO has asked Warren for a videotape of the fight to study before making a decision.

McMillan, who is resting for six weeks, said: 'Palacio was very rough, very strong and dirty. But I was getting stronger and he was running out of steam at the finish.

'I didn't box very well. People were saying I was going to win it in five or six rounds, they were talking about a fight against Paul Hodkinson. These things have an effect on you.'

McMillan injured a muscle in his right shoulder shortly before the fight, denying him important sparring practice, and if it had been up to his trainer, Howard Rainey, he would not have fought on Saturday. 'As a fighter, you've always got the odd aches and pains but you've got to fight with them,' McMillan said.