Changing sport for the better?

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Are goal-line referees a good idea or just goal-hanging officials? Should Roger Federer be required to use a wooden racket to complement his retro jacket? And are those swimming costumes that can turn a sumo wrestler into a dolphin available in my size?

Whether you think that Usain Bolt should be made to run 110m or that the tricycle and unicycle have been too long neglected as Olympic cycling sports, we would love to hear your serious and not-so-serious suggestions on how we can improve our sports using the interactive debategraph below.

To start adding your ideas click here or on the Pencil button (below the map) and then log-in/register. There’s a quick video guide to the process here.

As before, you can add ideas and arguments to the map, and improve and vote on the ideas suggested by everyone – and you can explore the whole map just by clicking on the spheres. Clicking on the small spheres takes you deeper into the map: clicking on the largest sphere takes you back up.

We have seeded the map with few ideas about improving football and tennis, and focused the map initially on Football. To find (and add) other sports click on the big sphere labelled Changing sport for the better?

As with the other maps in the series, you can keep up to date with developments on this map via the Independent Minds blog and @TheIndyDebate on Twitter. And you are welcome to embed the map on your own website or blog (like a YouTube video) using the code shown below:

<iframe src='' frameborder='0' width='500' height='500' scrolling='no'></iframe>