Cricket: How the Ashes were lost

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Brisbane (20-24 November)

Australia won toss

Australia 485 (I A Healy 134, S R Waugh 112; A J Mullally 5-105) and 273 for 3 dec (M J Slater 113); England 375 (M A Butcher 116; G D McGrath 6-85) and 179 for 6.

Result: Match drawn.

Man of the match: G D McGrath (Australia).


Perth (28-30 November)

Australia won toss

England 112 (D W Fleming 5-46) and 310 (J N Gillespie 5-88); Australia 240 and 64 for 3.

Result: Australian won by seven wickets.

Man of the match: D W Fleming (Australia).


Adelaide (11-15 December)

Australia won toss

Australia 391 (J L Langer 179no) and 278 for 5 dec (M J Slater 103); England 227 and 237.

Result: Australia won by 205 runs.

Man of the match: J L Langer (Australia).


Melbourne (26-29 December)

Australia won toss

England 309 (A J Stewart 107) and 244; Australia 340 (S R Waugh 122no; D Gough 5-96) and 162 (D W Headley 6-60).

Result: England won by 12 runs. Man of the match: Dean Headley (England).


Sydney (2-5 January)

Australia won toss

Australia 322 (M E Waugh 121) and 184 (M J Slater 123; P M Such 5-65); England 220 (S C G MacGill 5-57) and 188 (MacGill 7-50).

Result: Australia won by 98 runs. Man of the match: S C G MacGill (Australia).

Series result: Australia won 3-1.

Player of the series: S R Waugh (Australia).