Cricket: Umpire knocked over

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ONE OF the umpires, John Holder, was knocked flying by a fan at the end of England's Emirates Triangular tournament match against South Africa at Edgbaston yesterday.

Holder, was sent tumbling in the customary charge for stump souvenirs moments after South Africa completed a 14-run victory.

Obviously displeased with his fall, Holder pulled himself up and appeared to aim a toe-end in the direction of the rear end of the man who sent him to the turf. Stewards were quickly on the scene and frogmarched the fan off the field as Holder dusted himself down.

Holder, a 53-year-old former fast bowler who played for Hampshire, was none the worse for the experience afterwards. Holder said: "I got knocked over and it was a bit of a shock. I'm alright, but it's not something I want to happen again.

"I think he [the fan] wanted a stump. I'm not going to make a complaint about it. The stewards dealt with it."