Cricket: VOX POP: Who should succeed David Lloyd as England cricket coach?

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Bob Woolmer. No question about it. He has the experience and the success with South Africa at international level. I don't think you will find anyone with better credentials, and I don't think the ECB could quite bring themselves to appoint an overseas coach, so Bob has to be in the box seat. I think he would command respect from all the players. But he should have absolute control over all team matters. The days of the captain doing everything and running the show are long gone.



David Lloyd. I have just read an ECB statement which praises David and says he has done such a good job, which made me think, "Why not let him carry on then?" All right, he's had a brush or two with the authorities, but when you are emotionally involved then there is a tendency for it to overspill. I think he has a good rapport with the players and I think they respect him. The preparation is very much better. We have had more success in recent times under his direction. He has got the players focused correctly.



Bob Woolmer. I have the impression that he is not keen to uproot himself and his family, but if Bob wanted to come back, or could be persuaded to, then he would be my man. For a start he is English. Bob has a holistic, all-incorporating approach to getting the best out of a side, which we in Britain have been slow to take up. The old school may pooh-pooh modern methods - an attitude we have suffered from for a long time in this country - but they seem to have worked for South Africa.



Graham Gooch. It has to be an Englishman, and while I know Bob Woolmer is English I don't think he would be right because of his involvement with South Africa. I am not sure the players would necessarily have respect for him. Right now I think Graham Gooch is the man. With what he has achieved in the game he would have the immediate respect of every player. He does lack the experience, though, so it would come down to whether he would want the job and whether he feels he could do it.



Bob Woolmer and Graham Gooch. I think there should not be a dual coach-manager role, the two should be separate. One of the important things that a coach can provide is team spirit, whereas a manager needs to be more dispassionate. Bob Woolmer is technically very proficient and an extremely good man manager. A man with a lot of patience, and very likeable. The ideal ticket would be Woolmer as coach and Graham Gooch, who I hear did very well in Australia in the winter, as manager.



David Gilbert. Everyone is talking about Bob Woolmer and he certainly has achieved fantastic things. But why wasn't he offered the England job in 1994 when Warwickshire won the Championship, the Sunday League and Benson & Hedges Cup? I think David Gilbert would be superb. The turnaround he achieved with Surrey on the field was significant and substantial. He understands coaching and knows how to get the best out of people. He is also very approachable.