Ashes 2015: England's new found aggression will be their downfall, warn Aussies

Nathan Lyon praises Trevor Bayliss, but believes England's new coach will not necessarily be the deciding factor

England have been warned that their new-look attacking approach could be their undoing during the forthcoming Ashes series.

The hosts shed their conservatism with successful results during the recent one-day series against New Zealand and are expected to continue that approach under new coach Trevor Bayliss.

However, Nathan Lyon, one of nine members of the Australian side to have played under Bayliss during his time as coach of New South Wales, said he believed the tourists could capitalise on England’s new found batting belligerence. “I’m all for it if people want to attack. It’s easier to get guys out attacking, more so than when they’re just dropping the bat on it and not playing a shot.

“We know TB, there’s nine guys who’ve played under TB for the past couple of years. We know him well, we kind of know what to expect.

“TB is a great guy and a great coach. He’s going to bring in probably a more relaxed environment for England, which potentially could be dangerous [for them]. If guys want to take on each and every bowler, just not me, that’s going to create chances and the game is going to move forward and that’s the exciting part about it.”

Lyon joked that the Australians could expect a few text updates on injuries from Bayliss as the series progressed but it’s clear that the new England coach is held in high esteem by his former charges. 

And, despite his comments about exploiting England’s new approach, Lyon said the new coach would not necessarily be the deciding factor.

“England always have a chance,” he said. “Because you’ve got a new coach doesn’t mean you’re going to have less of a chance or more of a chance.  They’re a quality side, we’re not coming in here thinking that it’s an easy walkover.”