Ashes Diary: Hoff protests a little too much

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Who would you least expect to see at an Ashes Test match? Diego Maradona? Nicolas Sarkozy? Garfield the cat? Or how about Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff, who was in attendance at the SCG on day two, smashing a couple of gentle lobs from Shane Warne and wandering around the ground at tea in a T-shirt that said "Don't hassle the Hoff". Little bit of advice, David: if you don't want to be hassled, best not appear in front of 40,000 people in a promotional capacity.

Fowler revels in his share of Glory

As they always say, gloat early and gloat often. That, at least, appears to be the philosophy of Robbie Fowler, Liverpool legend turned Perth Glory striker, who has of late been parading in front of his club's supporters with a replica version of the Ashes. "My team-mates have not said a word about the cricket since Boxing Day," he says.

Victorian values: know your enemy

If you think the English can be parochial, visit Australia. While a Yorkshireman will generally get behind England even if they don't include the requisite 11 Tykes, a Victorian is less than happy if there are too many New South Walians in the side: there are currently six NSW batsmen in the top seven, for the first time in 85 years.