Cricket Report: Kent 14-0 (4.5 overs) v Sussex

Second day of four
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Play was finally able to get under way here at 4p.m. after a series of inspections and the tea interval. The loss of the first day and a further 56 overs today though has made it almost impossible for either third-placed Sussex or eighth placed Kent to fashion a victory, unless the captains can come to some agreement about setting a target, which would have to involve forfeiture of innings and other artificial aids.

The loss of so much play allowed an extra half hour to be added to the day’s play thus Kent after losing the toss were confronted with having to bat for 40 overs.

The only thing seemingly on their side was that the defending champions Sussex were unable to field Pakistani leg spinner Mushtaq Ahmed, who is nursing a sore knee, his place was taken by seamer Ragheb Aga.

At least the pitch, which had been waterlogged last Wednesday, did not appear to hold any demons and Kent had reached 14 without loss when the rain returned 16 minutes after the start and drove the players off 4.5 overs into the first innings.