England vs India: Alastair Cook vehemently defends James Anderson after he claims India's abuse complaint is a tactic to upset England's key bowler

India have accused Anderson of 'abusing and pushing' Ravindra Jadeja during the first Test but Cook has defended his team-mate

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England captain Alastair Cook believes India's complaint against James Anderson is a tactic designed to unsettle his key bowler.

Anderson was charged by the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Tuesday for allegedly "abusing and pushing" Ravindra Jadeja during the first Test between the two sides at Trent Bridge last week.

If found guilty, Anderson could be banned for as long as four Tests, and England have responded by levelling a charge of their own against Jadeja.

Cook, though, believes India's actions are designed to unsettle his go-to bowler.

When asked at his news conference if he thought India were trying to get Anderson banned or rattle him he said: "I think so, I think that's pretty much where it's come from.

"It's a probably a little bit of a tactic by India."

ECB to defend Anderson against Indian complaint

On the actual incident itself, which has been graded as a 'level three' incident, Cook said he was taking the role of Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager who often says he has not seen the controversial moment.

"I'm going to sound a little bit like Arsene Wenger and I genuinely didn't see it," he said. "There's been toing and throwing between Jimmy, (England coach) Peter Moores and the ECB and there has been a charge levelled back at Jadeja.

"We are surprised it's come to where it's come to but we can't let it be a distraction to the side.

"For Jimmy, all the lads will rally round him. He's a stalwart of our side."

Cook added that Anderson had given his side of the story and that he believed him, but was unable to share the contents of their discussion.