Ganguly and Chappell settle row - for now

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The Board president Ranbir Mahendra said after a committee meeting that the pair had been urged to bury their differences. "They were together in the meeting and have assured the committee they will work together in the interests of cricket," he said. "Both coach and captain have to work as a unit and a professional relationship is to be maintained."

The rift between Chappell and Ganguly became public on the recent Zimbabwe tour when Ganguly said Chappell had suggested he should step down. An email from Chappell to Board officials, which was leaked to the media, said Ganguly was no longer fit to lead the side. Mahendra said the committee had rejected Chappell's view that Ganguly was faking injury to avoid facing fast bowling. "Some of the points, particularly with regard to Sourav faking injury, after hearing the concerned people, the committee came to the conclusion that that is far from the truth. There was miscommunication."

Mahendra said he was confident Chappell and Ganguly would work together in future. "We have demarcated the role of captain and coach," he added.

Ricky Ponting, the Australia captain, yesterday admitted that the reaction in his home country to the Ashes defeat has badly hurt him. "It has annoyed me, the way some people have reacted, you'd think we'd lost five-zip," Ponting said. "England deserved the win, but it's about performing at that level over a number of years. We have done that and remain No 1 in the world."

He also rejected claims by former opener Michael Slater that Damien Martyn's omission from the side to play the World XI in next month's Super Series was not just about poor form but about a falling-out with key personnel. "That's complete rubbish and I certainly don't think we've seen the last of Marto," Ponting said.

Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq has reversed his decision to withdraw from the World XI.

* David Fulton yesterday resigned as Kent captain. Fulton was accused by Shane Warne of doing one of the "dumbest things" he had seen on a cricket field when he accepted an unlikely run chase against Nottinghamshire in the penultimate match that gave Notts the title.