Hair will not umpire at Champions Trophy

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Umpire Darrell Hair will not officiate at next month's ICC Champions Trophy in India.

The International Cricket Council have decided against appointing Hair to fixtures in the tournament for "safety and security" concerns.

Pakistan and India had objected to the possible appointment of Hair following the controversy surrounding last month's abandoned Test match at The Oval.

An ICC spokesman said: "The decision was made on the basis of safety and security concerns for Darrell and those around him at the Champions Trophy."

Before taking questions, Hair stressed that he was bound by the umpires' code of conduct and was unable to comment directly on the disciplinary hearing, but added: "I wish to make it clear that allegation of bias against either umpire formed no part of this case."

Hair said he accepted the ICC's decision not to have him umpire in the Champions Trophy but added: "Of course I wish to keep on being an umpire.

"My umpiring performance or career is on public record and if other people consider I am still good enough to umpire I will continue.

"I umpire matches in good faith and take the decisions I feel necessary on the field.

"My contract with the ICC states I must umpire to the best of my ability and apply the laws of cricket, honestly and fairly.

"I'm out there doing my best."

Asked about allegations that his actions were motivated by racism, Hair added: "I don't wish to enter into any debate about racism, people can make their accusations (but) of course I deny them."