How England rated in India: Stephen Brenkley's tour squad verdict


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Alastair Cook: 10/10

After his 776-run Ashes series in 2010-11, Cook said he could never hope to match it. He just did. As embryonic captain and remarkable batsman, he was outstanding. This is his team now. Matches 4. Innings 8. Runs (ave.) 562 (80.28).

HS 190. 100s 3. 50s 0.

Nick Compton: 6/10

Difficult to see him playing more than, say, 20 Tests. But his contributions, built on hard work and determination, were invaluable. Worked out sooner than most that flair may not be essential. Matches 4.

Innings 8. Runs (ave.) 208 (34.66). HS 57. 100s 0. 50s 1.

Jonathan Trott: 7

Two ducks early on and it was possible to fear the worst. But Trott recovered and found the slow pace and pitches to his liking. Tough competitor who has plenty left to offer. Matches 4. Innings 7. Runs (ave.) 294 (42.00). HS 143. 100s 1. 50s 1.

Kevin Pietersen: 8

His spectacular innings in Mumbai was alone worth the entrance money. Seems fully (if mysteriously) integrated after the kerfuffle of late summer. The beauty of Pietersen, of course, is that you can never be sure what will happen next. Matches 4. Innings 7. Runs (ave.) 338 (48.28). HS 186. 100s 1. 50s 2.

Ian Bell: 6

England's most attractive batsman should be their most accomplished. Careless in at least three innings but in Kolkata made a key intervention in the field and also finished off the match. His innings yesterday, thankfully, secured his immediate future.

Matches 3. Innings 6. Runs (ave.) 172 (43.00). HS 116 (no). 100s 1. 50s 0.

Samit Patel: 5

Dropped for the last match without ever doing much wrong. Unfortunately, he did not do enough right either. His chance may now have come and gone. Matches 3. Innings 4. Runs (ave.) 69 (17.25). HS 33. 100s 0. 50s 0.

Matt Prior: 9

The best at his job in the world, one of the best there has ever been. Team man personified, his batting in this series throughout was crucial. Keeping not quite as seamless but it is difficult on alien Indian pitches. Admirable. Matches 4. Innings 5. Runs (ave.) 258 (51.60). HS 91. 100s 0. 50s 2.

Catches taken 6. Stumps made 1.

Stuart Broad: 2

Unfit, out of form, both of which are not ideal attributes for a vice-captain. It was a big decision to drop him after two wicketless matches and he has work to do to rebuild strength, stamina and bridges. Should be back. Matches 2. Overs 36.0. Wickets (ave.) 0 (n/a).

Runs conceded 157.

Graeme Swann: 9

He did what spinners are supposed to do in India. Stepped up to the mark in every way, working out pitches and batsmen. Clever, cunning and did his job well as batsman too. Twenty wickets made him England's leading wicket-taker. Matches 4. Overs 185.5.

Wickets (ave.) 20 (24.75).

Best bowling (match) 8-113.

Jimmy Anderson: 9

Exemplary as swing bowler in grossly unhelpful conditions. His mastery of his art was a joy to behold and 12 wickets did not begin to tell the story of his worth to England. Matches 4. Overs 126.4.

Wickets (ave.) 12 (30.25).

Best bowling (match) 6-127.

Monty Panesar: 7

Wrongly left out of the first Test when England simply read everything wrong, he had an immediate impact when picked for the second. Perhaps still not quite the bowler he could have been. Matches 3. Overs 183.0. Wickets (ave.) 17 (26.82).

Best bowling (match) 11-210.

Tim Bresnan: 4

The snap and sparkle were lacking in his two matches. It was tough going and he found it tough with 45 wicketless overs in the series. A solid cricketer who may find others overtaking him. Matches 2.

Overs 45.0. Wickets (ave.) 0 (n/a).

Runs conceded 142.

Steve Finn: 7

Played only one Test but how England wanted and needed him. His pace added something they did not have. He needs his body to be slightly more cooperative than it has been of late but England will carry him everywhere for the next seven years or so.

Matches 1. Overs 39.0. Wickets (ave.) 4 (29.50). Best bowling (match) 4-118.

Joe Root: 7

Important not to burden him with too much expectation after an innings of 73 on a flat pitch but he looked the part, the inheritor of Yorkshire's great opening legacy. An inspired choice. Matches 1. Innings 2.

Runs (ave.) 93 (93.00).

HS 73. 100s 0. 50s 1.

Jonny Bairstow: 5

Only had one innings and, although he was given out when he should not have been, the shot that led to it was poor. But he has flair and style, and will be a part of England's middle order soon. Matches 1.

Innings 1. Runs (ave.) 9 (9.00).

HS 9. 100s 0. 50s 0.