Ian Herbert: Michael Vaughan, so quick to judge, now needs to apologise to Jonathan Trott


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Perhaps Jonathan Trott is coming to terms with life without cricket. His decision to withdraw indefinitely from all cricket commitments has not passed without observation on the mental toll sport can inflict – a theme we have returned to often in this space – but there was no firestorm.

Nothing like the one initially created when Michael Vaughan wrote in The Daily Telegraph that he felt “conned” to have been told that Trott’s problems which prompted last winter’s withdrawal from Australia “were a stress-related illness” he had suffered for years.

“We were allowed to believe he was struggling with a serious mental health issue and treated him with sensitivity and sympathy. He was obviously not in a great place but he was struggling for cricketing reasons and not mental, and there is a massive difference.” To date, Vaughan has since wished Trott “a full recovery”, which is substantially less than a public apology.