Must watch: Cricketer denied six by seagull in Middlesex vs Sussex T20 Blast match

Sussex benefit from feathered fielder in recent T20 clash

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With bigger bats, shorter boundaries and fielding restrictions, bowlers complain that T20 cricket is becoming a batsman's game.

However now one team has seemingly found a cunning way to tip the balance back in the fielding side's favour.

Sussex were bowling to Middlesex in Friday's T20 Blast match when visiting batsman Ryan Higgins took a huge swing at a ball from Will Beer.

The ball would surely have flown over the ropes for six had a passing seagull, presumably supporting Sussex, not selflessly thrown itself in front of the ball and knocked it out of the sky.

In the end, Middlesex managed to run two as the seagull rather sheepishly hobbled away from the scene, watched by the concerned Sussex players.

Higgins however seemed unperturbed by his seagull-smashing exploits, going on to top score for his side with 31 from 32 balls.

However it was ultimately in vain, with the Sussex Sharks (or should that be seagulls?) going on to win by six wickets.

Watch the bizarre video below:


At the time of writing the ICC have yet to comment on to what extent rogue seagulls present a fresh threat to the sanctity of cricket.