Phil Hughes dead: Manufacturer says batsman wore outdated Masuri helmet

Masuri say they will look at footage to confirm exactly where Hughes was hit

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The manufacturers of Phil Hughes's helmet have said that the batsman was wearing an old model during the incident.

Hughes, 25, died two days after being struck in the head by a short-pitched delivery by New South Wales bowler Sean Abbott while playing for South Australia.

The Australian international was placed in an induced coma following emergency brain surgery.

Hughes was wearing a Masuri helmet when he was struck. In a statement, the UK-based company said: "Following the injury to Phil Hughes, Masuri is actively seeking as much TV and video footage of the incident as possible, to be able to see more conclusively exactly where the player was hit."

The manufacturers said that the model Hughes was wearing does not offer as much protection to the back of the head and neck as newer models issued by Masuri.

"From the footage and pictures currently available to Masuri, it appears that Phil Hughes was struck by the ball to the rear of the grille and below the back of the shell, missing his Masuri Original Test model helmet.

"This is a vulnerable area of the head and neck that helmets cannot fully protect, while enabling batsmen to have full and proper movement.

"The newly-developed Masuri Vision Series helmet, which supersedes the 2013 helmet worn by Phil Hughes, does afford batsmen extra protection in this region – and still allows comfortable movement."