Salim stays in Pakistan 'to clear his name'

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Salim Malik said he is ready to face any inquiry on match-fixing, and rejected reports that he plans to leave the country for good. "I am in Pakistan and will remain in Pakistan until all the inquiries clear me," the former Pakistan captain said.

The Australian Cricket Board yesterday ruled out a review into the case of Shane Warne and Mark Waugh, who were fined five years ago for providing weather and pitch information to bookmakers. The ACB also said they are to appoint an independent investigator to examine allegations of bribery and match-fixing.

A businessman wanted for questioning by Indian police over the scandal protested his innocence yesterday. Sanjeev Chawla, a London-based clothing importer, is alleged to have been the man whose incriminating call to the South African captain was secretly taped.

Chawla, 32, who disappeared after the allegations were first made in India, said yesterday: "I have never met Hansie Cronje and certainly have never given him any money. I have done absolutely nothing wrong and I am being chased and hassled for nothing. My life is being ruined but I am sure I will be able to prove my innocence eventually."