Stuart Broad blames size of the planet for controversial 'minimum wage' tweet

The England bowler has apologised if he caused any offence

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Stuart Broad has apologised for his controversial tweet about the minimum wage, bizarrely using the size of the planet to explain why he posted it.

The England bowler whipped up a storm yesterday afternoon when he dipped his toe into the realm of global socio-economics.

His tweet, which was later deleted, read: "I've heard if you earn minimum wage in England you're in the top 10 per cent earners in the World. #stay #humble."


Unsurprisingly, the tweet about the minimum wage, which stands at £6.50 an hour for adults aged over 21, led to an angry response with many pointing to Broad's exorbitant wages for representing the national team.


Broad apologised using a somewhat bizarre reasoning that it was due to his interest in the size of the planet.


"Clarifying my earlier tweet, I merely wanted to emphasise my amazement at just how big the world is." he posted on Twitter.


"No offence meant and sorry if any taken. The hashtag was aimed at myself."


Some interpreted his unusual tweet as an attempted riposte to former England batsman Kevin Pietersen, who last week called for "muppets" in county cricket who earn "18 grand, 15 grand" to find alternative employment.

Kevin Pietersen of the Melbourne Stars



Broad described Pietersen's claims as "misguided" but was keen to stress there was no hidden meaning to his own words.


Asked if they were a response to Pietersen's comments, Broad said: "No. To back him up a little bit he does use that word (muppet) a little bit, even about himself sometimes.


"(But) it's a very important role in cricket, that development role, no one's going to start on big wages or top wages, you have to earn your stripes.


"I think that (£15k-£18k) is actually below the minimum cap anyway so he's a bit off the mark.


"I don't think he meant any offence but (was) just a little bit misguided."