Where were you when England reclaimed The Ashes?

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The amazing sportsmanship of everyone involved spoke volumes, it's a breath of fresh air for all of us. The way Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne walked off the pitch to a standing ovation from the English supporters was great. There is no danger of these sportsman being spoilt by celebrity.

Wayne Hemingway, Designer

I grew up in a house where cricket was more important than football, so for me, this is fantastic news. My son played football and cricket to a high level, and when he chose to concentrate on cricket, people didn't have much respect for his choice. But I think that will change now.

Tessa Jowell, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

I was giving an interview on BBC News 24 at the TUC when I heard the news. It's fantastic. The team has done us proud. I was there on Sunday and had a great day. Nothing will do more to get kids out there and playing cricket than England winning the Ashes.

Stephen Fry, Writer and comedian

I used up all my nails, almost down to my elbows. It was just too harrowing. It's been an extraordinary game, a fitting end to a wonderful series. But I just couldn't call it. The Gods of cricket have had a wonderful season. An extraordinary game - we held them down despite the miracle of Warne.

Kathy Lette, Novellist

The Ashes has been nail-biting, leg-crossing, grip-me-by-the-short-and-curlies stuff. But in the end, we had to let you win. Well, it's been so long. And we grew tired of your Eyore-ish-ness. I mean, you Poms think optimism is an eye disease. And it's bliss to finally see you so damn happy.

Hunter Davies, Writer

I'm really a football fan, but it's been interesting to see the effect the cricket has had around the country. I'm up in the Lake District and I saw an England flag dangling from the window of a house in an affluent area. You usually only see that for big football events like the World Cup.

Roger Black, Olympic 400m Silver Medallist and Athletics pundit

I've been watching it at home. On Sunday I was on my way back from the north and had to stop at a motorway service station to find out what was happening. We were 2-1 and everybody was crowded around a tiny TV. This is their Olympics and they've delivered. We've done the Aussies in their two biggest sports.

Bob Crow, General Secretary of the RMT

I was watching the cricket on the television on the RMT stand at the TUC when we won the Ashes. I went to the Test on Friday to see the match. I will have the ticket for the rest of my life. On Saturday I played for the TUC general council and we beat the journalists, so England won the Ashes and we won the urn. We have all been keeping an eye on it.

Roy Hattersley, Politician

I have been watching every minute of it and I watched to the conclusion - of course. I had already spoken to the dog and he knew he wouldn't be getting a walk until the game was over. I've been doubtful at points earlier on, but we've done it. However I do think that we didn't save the game, time did. Australia saved England and not the team themselves.

Fay Weldon, Author

I say hooray, and its high time too - this is the reward for the proper playing of games. I've been watching the series on and off on a TV in my study at home in Dorset. The players look so keen and handsome, so unlike footballers. They all seem to be enjoying the game and are on good terms. There's never any fouling or breaking each other's ankles.

Sue MacGregor, Broadcaster

I've been absorbed throughout the summer; it's been the most exciting Ashes series I've ever watched. The players are really nice guys and will be long-lasting heros. In this series, the Channel Four commentary team has been wonderful. Much as one adores the BBC team, it's been more relaxed, more fun. I only hope they manage to keep the cricket free to watch.

Jilly Cooper, Writer

I was glued to it all afternoon, and I couldn't wait for it to end, as it has been so distracting from my work. The players this year are so glamorous and have so much courage. They are simply gorgeous. It's also been wonderful to see Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan together at the Oval. I shall be opening a large bottle of champagne tonight to celebrate it all.

Michael Palin, Writer and broadcaster

I've been away so I missed the first couple of games, but what I have seen has been terrific. Many matches you can see what's coming, but this Test I've never been quite sure what's going to happen. I kept half an eye on the game but only turned on properly when it looked like we were going to win. I wasn't keen to be watching if we failed after all that!

David Gower, Former England cricket captain and broadcaster

It's been a long wait but worth it in the end. It's been a fabulous summer's cricket, the best series I've ever seen. England, especially after being obliged to fight back after the traditional heavy defeat at Lord's, have been magnificent. They have batted positively, bowled superbly and have played much the better all round cricket.

Darren Campbell, Athlete

I've been watching all of it. The last few hours were pretty stressful but then Pietersen got 158. I'm really pleased for them, it's been a lot of pressure for them to handle but they've done it. It's my birthday today and my son's been in an athletics competition so I think a big drink is in order, it'll be a night I'll never forget .

Sir Patrick Moore, Astronomer

I bowled for my village team until five years ago and I've been listening to the Ashes all the way through. I'm delighted we're home and dry. Before the series began I thought that the only way we could win was if we learned to handle Shane Warne. We haven't, but it has been a great team effort.

Jono Coleman, DJ for BBC London and LBC

As an Australian I'm obviously not happy. I spent yesterday on the radio getting a roasting from my English colleagues. I kept insisting: 'It isn't over until the fat bowler spins' - so defeat is hard. But it made sense that England won; they have been the best team. And my two young kids were born here and it's the first time they've been interested in the game.

Rory Bremner, Satirist and political commentator

I started writing a sketch at 12.30 yesterday lunchtime and by half five I'd given up. Highlights? Kevin Pietersen's innings, and a great moment when Richie Benaud was in the middle of his farewell commentary, and Pietersen got bowled - showing that even the game's finest can never guess what will happen next.