Cyclist has second thoughts at the top of a narrow mountain passage

"I don't like the wind..."

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Free rider Geoff Gulevich has posted a helmetcam video of one of his descents, a squirm-inducing two minutes that sees even the rider himself question whether the route is possible to traverse without injury.

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The vertiginous landscape doesn't even seem to have any obvious trails, but Gulevich still manages to dance along its rocks as huge drops fall away either side of him.

The Red Bull Rampage video only gets harder to watch as he continues along the ridge, with the man at one point offering a nervous "I don't like the wind…" before tackling an insane twisting jump.

"Woah" he quietly gasps as he flies through the air, before landing it like an absolute pro.

The video, first shared on Dakine's Facebook page, has attracted half a million views in just 24 hours.