Sir David Brailsford faces Fergie’s choice, says Bradley Wiggins


Sir Bradley Wiggins has said he understands Sky team principal Sir Dave Brailsford’s wish to review his situation as head of British Cycling and Team Sky.

Brailsford said last month he had concerns about spreading himself too thinly over the two roles, and that a review was planned following the recent World Track Championships in Cali, Colombia.

Speaking before the World Championships, which finished on 2 March, Wiggins told The Independent he could understand that Brailsford might need to reflect on his two positions, particularly given the degree of success he has had in both. However, the Briton said he had no idea which direction Brailsford might finally take.

“He’s never discussed that with me or the [other riders] but I think, for him, [it’s a question of] how long does he keep trying to push the envelope?” said Wiggins.

“You think about these last two Olympics he’s managed, how well they’ve done, and he’s never really failed, other than the first year of Sky when we were going to win the Tour, and that wasn’t necessarily a failure because the goal was actually to win it in the first five years.

“So where does he go? It’s like the Alex Fergusons, do you keep on winning and winning?”

Brailsford’s position has come increasingly under scrutiny in the two weeks after the men’s team performed severely below expectation in the World Track Championships, their worst display since Lottery funding began in 1998.