Tank 'drag races' cyclists during race after making shock appearance during Arctic Race in Norway

The local army decided to give the riders a surprise

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On the Tour de France it's over-enthusiastic spectators that need to be watched out for.

In cycling races in Norway, it's tanks.

During last week's Arctic Race, riders were surprised by the appearance of the huge military vehicle as the peloton passed through the Setermoen army camp.

Aware the riders would be coming through, the tank battalion decided to give them a surprise by taking a Leopard 2A4 tank for a spin alongside the cyclists.

"When we heard that the Arctic Race of Norway was going to pass through our camp, we wanted to give them a special welcome," Lieutenant Colonel Pal Berglund told The Local.


Lieutenant Colonel Aleksander Jankov explained the cyclists had no idea what was coming.

"The cyclists knew they were passing through an army garrison at Setermoen and that they would be welcomed by soldiers of Brigade North," he said. "They probably did not expect a moving tank alongside the peloton."

Irish rider Stephen Clancy tweeted about the incident after the race.