Video: Cyclist embarrassed after celebrating stage win one lap too early

Spanish cyclist made to look foolish during Tour of California

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Spanish cyclist Eloy Teruel was left with egg on his face after prematurely celebrating a stage win at the Tour of California.

Teruel stormed into the lead as he approached the stage finish and believing he was on his final lap, celebrated enthusiastically as he crossed the line.

However he was soon made to look somewhat foolish as the race had one more lap to go and all the other riders knew it.

He slowly realised the error of his ways, but it was too late, and Teruel ended up finishing tragically in 56th place - not quite worthy of such extravagant celebrations.

You can watch the embarrassing incident below:

Elsewhere in the Tour, former Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins moved ever close to claiming overall victory, and is now just one stage away from doing so.