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David Speedie, the former Chelsea and Scotland striker, has walked out on the Beazer Homes League club, Crawley Town, after being fined two weeks' wages for receiving his 12th booking of the season. He received his fourth suspension of the season a week ago when he was banned for four games.

Officials of the United States' new 10-team Major League Soccer, which is scheduled to kick-off on 6 April, are hoping to gain permission from Fifa, world football's governing body, to use larger goals for their inaugural season.

TRANSFERS: Devon White (forward) Notts County to Watford (pounds 100,000); Gary Himsworth (midfielder) Darlington to York (pounds 25,000); Paul McDonald (forward) Southampton to Brighton (pounds 40,000 plus appearance increments); Jamie Pitman (midfielder) Swindon to Hereford (free); Stuart Watkiss (defender) Walsall to Hereford (free); Kieran Durkan (forward) Wrexham to Stockport (exchange); Martyn Chalk (forward) Stockport to Wrexham (exchange).

LOAN TRANSFERS: Keith Scott (forward) Norwich to Bournemouth; Tony Brien (defender) West Bromwich to Mansfield; Neil Doherty (midfielder) Birmingham to Northampton; Nigel Jemson (forward) Notts County to Rotherham; Paul Tait (midfielder) Birmingham to Coventry.