Finns ban shot putter

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The Finnish shot champion, Markus Koistinen, is reported to have been dropped from his country's team after failing a drugs test. The Finnish sports association said that Koistinen, who is still in Finland, has had a temporary competition ban imposed on him with immediate effect.

Koistinen tested positive for the banned substance chorionic gonadotrophin after winning the Finnish national championships in Tampere just over two weeks ago. Antti Pihlakoski, a team official, said: "He will not be going to Atlanta."

Chorionic gonadotrophin is a growth hormone which builds up weight and expands muscle bulk for increased endurance. Its side-effects can include thickening of blood, heart attacks, strokes, soft tissue swelling, hypertension and enlargement of the heart, liver and spleen. It can also lead to diabetes. Koistinen, 26, was 10th at the World Championships in Gothenburg last year.