FOOTBALL: 10 reasons why... (almost) everyone hates Manchester United

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1 They didn't buy Paul Gascoigne (a Rangers fan)

2 They sold Paul Ince (an Internazionale fan)

3 Bryan Robson played for them (an England fan)

4 They wouldn't let Alex Ferguson play Taggart (a TV detective fan)

5 Terry Christian supports them (a music fan)

6 They don't let away supporters in (any football fan)

7 They're too easy to beat (a Barcelona fan)

8 They didn't want to sell Kanchelskis (an Everton fan)

9 They've got too many replica kits (a Manchester United fan)

10 They wouldn't sell Eric Cantona (Eric Cantona)

(submitted by Liz Patchett, of Port Sunlight Village, Wirral, Merseyside)

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