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Today: Southampton v Liverpool*

Tomorrow: Arsenal v Nottingham Forest

23 August: Aston Villa v Middlesbrough*

24 August: Leeds v Blackburn

30 August: Newcastle v Liverpool*

9 September: Chelsea v Arsenal

13 September: Tottenham v Middlesbrough*

20 September: Arsenal v Manchester United*

21September: Blackburn v Chelsea

24 September: Manchester United v Liverpool

27 September: Leicester v Wimbledon*

28 September: West Ham v Southampton

4 October: Liverpool v Chelsea*

18 October: Coventry v Sheffield Wednesday*

19 October: Leicester v Tottenham

25 October: Blackburn v Arsenal*

1 November: Middlesbrough v Nottingham Forest*

2 November: Tottenham v Charlton

8 November: Leeds v Sheffield Wednesday*

15 November: Coventry v Everton*

16 November: Nottingham Forest v Derby

22 November: Derby v West Ham*

23 November: Everton v Newcastle

29 November: Liverpool v Blackburn*

6 December: Middlesbrough v Newcastle*

7 December: Sheffield Wednesday v Nottm Forest

13 December: Wimbledon v Liverpool*

14 December: Leeds v Coventry

16 December: Manchester United v Chelsea

20 December: Arsenal v Leeds*

21 December: Charlton v Aston Villa

26 December: Blackburn v Aston Villa

29 December: Chelsea v Manchester United

l *All Sunday matches kick off at 4.0; others at 8.0.