Football: Clear as fog for Hagi

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It was one of the most extraordinary goals you will never see. At least, not clearly. When Romania's World Cup star Gheorghe Hagi scored one of football's most brilliant goals for Barcelona at Celta Vigo on Sunday, thick fog all but erased the goa l for posterity.

The local Galician crowd and Spaniards watching Canal Plus TV were not the only ones who had trouble seeing the goal. The Celta keeper, Villanueva, was unsighted by the fog. That, after all, was why Hagi hit the left-footer from an estimated 52 yards.

Celta had just scored to make the score 3-1 for Barcelona in the last minute of the league game. Already in injury time, Barca's Brazilian striker restarted play by rolling the ball to Hagi. "Romario said to me, `the keeper's way off his line. Have a go

, ' so I did," the Romanian said.