football: Drewery defends right to living

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Drewery defends right to living

Eileen Drewery, yesterday installed as 1,000-1 with William Hill to be the next England coach, dismissed claims that she is making a fortune from her links with Glenn Hoddle and revealed that she charges just pounds 25 an hour for her services if the client can afford to pay. "There has to be a living earned somehow," she told Sky News. "If you went to a church and asked a priest or vicar to marry you, but told them you didn't have any money, would they do that for a fee? Or a funeral?" Drewery, who was commenting after the Swedish coach, Tommy Soderberg, questioned Hoddle's use of the faith-healer, added: "At the end of the day, the Press are having a go at Glenn. God only knows why. I am sure it is jealousy. They have a go at me but what they don't realise is it's the public they are upsetting - they are not upsetting me at all."