Football: Gaddafi's son saved from brawl

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AL-SAADI GADDAFI, the son of Libya's president, had to be escorted out of the stadium after a friendly match between the Serie A side Perugia and Libya dissolved into a riot.

The match was abandoned in the 17th minute when players both on the field and from the benches became involved in a brawl sparked by a ferocious tackle by a Libyan shortly after Perugia had scored a penalty. One Libyan player was seen waving his national flag as he ran after opponents.

Italian television coverage showed at least one player being carried to an ambulance and Libyan officials claimed two of their players suffered broken cheekbones during the fracas.

Security officials escorted Al-Saadi Gaddafi, who plays for the Libyan national team, out of the stadium in Norcia, a town near Perugia.

Libya has spent the last few years redeveloping its sports structure after Gadhafi banned all sports contests, in the early 1980s, and took a particular exception to football.