Football: Goss appreciates a moment of history: Trevor Haylett on the tactics that helped Norwich to a famous victory in Munich's Olympic Stadium

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THE REST of his team had disappeared to celebrate one of the greatest results in Norwich City's 91 years when Jeremy Goss turned back for one last look to the place where history had just happened.

'To think,' he mused, eyes focused, 'that is where Franz Beckenbauer stood to collect the World Cup in 1974. To think we have beaten Bayern Munich on their own ground. It's marvellous, isn't it?'

There is a sense of wonder and innocence about Norwich's first European journey that makes it so appealing to be aboard. The innocence, though, gets no further than the touchline. When the whistle blows, Norwich have shown they are as prepared as possible, their Uefa Cup second round, first leg victory at the Olympic Stadium, where no British team have won before, a reflection of the players and Mike Walker's management.

Walker has introduced a sweeper system and given it a positive face. Three defenders patrol the spaces in front of Ian Culverhouse while Mark Bowen advances to add his control and passing ability to the forward momentum. When the chances presented themselves on Tuesday both he and Goss accepted them with style.

'Jerry sinks the Gerrys' was the inevitable headlined salute to Norwich's longest servant who has been off and on the transfer list in his 11 years, but now finds all his birthdays coming at once. He could play an important role in Wales's World Cup clincher with Romania next month and in Munich it was his crushing volley that began the fairy- tale.

'As soon as I hit it I knew I only had to worry about how I was going to celebrate,' he said. 'We would have been gutted to have finished with a draw after leading 2-0, which seems ridiculous when you consider the size and tradition of Bayern.

'Afterwards Mike Walker gave me the biggest hug I've ever had. He was hugging everyone but we know we have a tough game still to come at Carrow Road.'

That is a certainty. The Germans, three times European Cup champions, cannot be so ordinary and passionless again. They paid the price of underestimating the opposition while embarrassment for one official was total after saying on the eve of the game, and in Walker's hearing, that they wanted a trip to Tenerife in the third round.

For Robert Chase, the Norwich chairman who began a lucrative building business with pounds 12 and a bicycle - 'the bike has gone but I've still got the pounds 12' - it was his proudest moment. More results like that will help ward off the predatory claims of the wealthy who continue to eye his best players. Blackburn have already sounded him out for Chris Sutton and now fancy Ruel Fox but there was no encouragement and there will not be with Mark Robins facing a lengthy spell out having damaged knee ligaments.

'We did to the Continentals what they have been doing to our clubs for years,' Chase said. 'We drew a line in the sand and said 'pass us if you can'. '

Only once did Bayern pass although Bryan Gunn performed wonders to keep it so with a crucial late save.