Football: 'It wasn't right to win that way'

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I offered the replay because it wasn't right to win that way - it wasn't Arsenal. We want to win all our games but nobody cheated on purpose. Ray Parlour wanted to throw the ball back but Kanu didn't know why. He didn't know that the goalkeeper had deliberately kicked the ball out of play so that a team-mate could have an injury treated. There is no blame on Kanu.

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager.

That's very, very good of him [Wenger]. I think half the Arsenal players feel the same. The one thing I can't understand is that maybe after all the hoo-hah, when the Arsenal players don't want the goal and are all apologising, why the referee didn't use a little bit of common sense and rule it out for ungentlemanly conduct. Common sense has got to prevail.

Steve Bruce, Sheffield Utd manager.

We have agreed for this game to be replayed. It is an unprecedented situation. Everybody welcomes the sporting gesture by Arsene Wenger. This has been done in the interest of fair play, and both clubs are delighted.

Steve Double, FA spokesman.

Credit is due to the FA for deciding to take action immediately after the United directors and management, and Arsenal's directors and management, went to protest against what happened. They didn't decide to meet as a committee, they just got on the phone.

Kevin McCabe, Sheffield Utd director.

As far as betting is concerned Arsenal won the game 2-1. This could have cost the industry millions. Arsenal to win was the third most popular bet today. That's what we'll be paying out on, but if you bet on Sheffield United to win the Cup then you better dig around for that slip because it is still valid.

Graham Sharpe, William Hill.

This is setting a dangerous precedent... The FA making the decision within an hour is very strange... If you take the power away from the officials, you're in big trouble.

Alan Hansen, TV pundit

Why not donate the gate receipts [of the replay] to a children's charity?

Trevor Brooking, BBC analyst.