Football: Klinsmann's escape clause

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TOTTENHAM'S Jurgen Klinsmann saga rumbled on yesterday, with the German international emphasising the must-play clause in his contract, while his coach, Christian Gross, insisted on his right to drop Klinsmann.

Klinsmann, signed until the end of the season, reiterated yesterday that he has a clause in his contract stating he cannot be dropped.

"In theory I could say I was leaving immediately and I would get a free transfer," he told a Swiss newspaper. "I have this clause in my contract. The players know about it but I have never talked about it very much."

The pair had a stand-up row in the players' tunnel after Spurs' game against Bolton 11 days ago when Klinsmann told the Swiss coach his tactics were all wrong.

"If I'm not satisfied with his commitment and his approach I will drop him," Gross said. "It is not a dilemma for me. There may be a game in which for a tactical reason I leave him out but I think he is adult enough and intelligent enough to accept something like that. He won't leave Tottenham before the end of his contract.

"I have never had such an agreement with any player before but told him when I went out to Italy to sign him that I needed him as a leader. I agreed to the clause in his contract because I never imagined I would drop him.

"But he shouldn't talk to the media about his contract because he is putting himself under even more pressure. He is under an obligation and we need goals from him."