Football: League stay relaxed about United threat

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The Premier League has rejected claims from Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager, that it is involved in a conspiracy against the Premiership champions.

Ferguson launched a stinging attack on the Premier League board in a Sunday newspaper article over their decision not to extend the season past the 11 May deadline.

The United chief claimed that in retaliation United would not be part of any pay-per-view television deal.

But a Premiership spokesman, Mike Lee, played down Ferguson's comments, denying any conspiracy, and pointed out that United had already endorsed the new television deal with Sky Sports along with all the top flight clubs.

"We felt what was decided was the fairest way forward at this stage, but we did also suggest new initiatives to help ease the fixture problems in the future and which have already been well-documented in a three-year fixture list and changes in the Coca-Cola Cup format and its timing," Lee said.