Football: Leeds closing in on O'Neill deal

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MARTIN O'NEILL is putting pressure on Leicester this weekend to allow him to talk to Leeds about the manager's job left vacant by George Graham. O'Neill has approached his chairman John Elsom, who told him he needed authority from Sir Rodney Walker, chairman of Leicester City plc.

Elsom last night passed on details of his conversation to Sir Rodney who said on the BBC's Football Focus yesterday: "I can understand Martin being flattered. After all, he is only human. He is a very good manager. That is why we are fighting to keep him at Leicester and why other clubs are trying to prise him away from us. I am due to have a conversation with the football chairman [of Leicester]. Up to that point I am not aware of any change in the situation. The Leeds chairman's [Peter Ridsdale] first approach was refused. If he makes a second approach he should expect the same response. He should save himself the cost of a phone call or postage.

"As far as I am concerned that is the end of the matter. If, however, Martin decides he wants to come and talk to us we will have to listen to what he says. At this stage he hasn't made that request."

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