Football: Morocco 2 Norway 2

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Goals: Hadji 38, Hadda 59

Yellow cards: Chiba

Red Cards: 0

Corners: 2

Offside: 3

Free-kicks (against): 11

Coach: Henri Michel

Goals: Chippo og 45, Eggen 62

Yellow cards: 0

Red Cards: 0

Corners: 6

Offside: 3

Free-kicks (against): 8

Coach: Egil Olsen

Edited highlights

3 min: Solskjaer conjures ball down, probably with his hands, but misses chance to give Norway early lead.

9 min: Hadda dangerously exploits Norway's offside trap but shoots ineffectively.

16 min: Hadji shows his ball control and shooting ability but denied by Grodas.

17 min: Hadji again shoots impressively well.

19 min: Benzekri safely gathers Bjornebye's testing drive.

27 min: Bassir unable to get power into header following succession of clever Moroccan moves.

36 min: Norway's defence again under threat as Chiba volley's round the post.

38 min: Hadji switched to the left side. Left on his own to run in on careless some Norwegian defending and shot in superb scoring blast.

45 min: Free kick fails to be cleared by Benzekri and Chippo's attempt to head clear sees ball sink into his own net.

54 min: Morocco's accurate long ball game again brings danger to Norway's defence. Bassir's shot requires a good save from Grodas.

57 min: Threatening ball across goal from Tahar gives Bassir another heading chance which he misses.

60 min: Norwegian defence again split open and Hadda blasts fine goal.

61 min: Norway immediately reply, taking maximum advantage of some goalmouth confusion. Eggen gets his head to free-kick to equalise.

64 min: Leonhardsen left unmarked in penalty area but fails to get good connection with header.

66 min: Benzekri again makes crucial diving, reaction save, from Havard Flo.

72 min: Substitute Solbakken has ball blocked on line by Saber.

80 min: Leonhardsen through but defied by the outstanding Naybet.