Football: Nation can have Kevin - Al Fayed

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I've enjoyed it but I've said all along I'm going to stay just for the four games. I'm going to leave the next manager in a position I'd like to be left in and I'm going back to Fulham.

Kevin Keegan

England manager

If the nation wants Kevin and the FA want Kevin then I will give him to England, no problem. The nation comes first, the glory of the country - and that's the sacrifice we will make at Fulham. I will leave it with Kevin. If he wants to stay with Fulham, wonderful. But if the FA can't find a replacement and he wants to go he can leave with my blessing. Mohamed Al Fayed

Kevin Keegan's influence was amazing. I said in the week it will be like a whirlwind that's going to hit everyone - his confidence and enthusiasm rubs off - and that showed.

Alan Shearer England captain

This has been one of the best weeks of my life. It's a dream to work with the best players. The fans were fantastic. Little Scholes is very impressive. He doesn't say much, but lets his football do the talking. They usually knight you if you score a hat-trick here, don't they? And he was playing in midfield. But there were a lot of solid performances. I suppose it wouldn't be one of my teams if we didn't concede one. Shearer and Cole contained three players, and that gave the midfield and back players a bit of space. Sherwood was excellent and got better and better. You have to look at the Under-21s, at the players who weren't here and those on the bench, to see there's strength in our game. When will we start believing in ourselves?

Kevin Keegan Kevin told me to have a bit more discipline and said to stay deeper. I was disappointed not to score. I should have got one. I'd like to stay but the competition's tough.

Tim Sherwood England midfielder They deserved to win but they were never in danger of losing. Scholesy was head and shoulders above the rest - it was lovely to watch. Sherwood played well, and Keown swept beautifully.

Glenn Hoddle