Football: Spurs loans not repaid

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TOTTENHAM'S finances are once again under the microscope after club documents released at the weekend revealed that more than pounds 400,000 in loans were made to players past and present, and never repaid, writes Richard Weekes.

Spurs released scores of papers in an attempt to pre-empt a forthcoming World in Action investigation of Ossie Ardiles, the White Hart Lane manager, including allegations that he received loans of more than pounds 100,000 from the club which have been written off.

The revelations could leave the club in breach of FA and Football League rules. The Spurs chairman, Alan Sugar, said yesterday that when he found out about the payments after he took over in May 1991, he wanted the money repaid. 'But I was told by people then at the club that this type of loan was a tradition,' he said.

He added: 'All the former directors have been put on notice in case fines are levied by the taxman. If that happens the former directors will have to dig into their pockets.'